Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Goviagreen" it's my virtual environmental organisation to make it real, i will be needing every one's support, through which i will change people's mentality towards nature by giving awareness about environmental issues....like global warming....what causes it, how people can stop it by there life style....by using less electricity, car pooling, banning the bulb which consumes more electricity........switching off the comps when they are away from it for half an hour all these and more contributes to global warming........and awareness about throwing plastics in to the earth.......using less paper so that it stops cutting down more trees..also to recycle paper...and teaching values about trees....and to make them realise not to be greedy and to feel happy with what they got in life and not to look for more by making this world a hell for the next generations.....and this is one of my ambition to do good and change people's attitude towards environment.....

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