Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Global Warming Survey

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Goviagreen ambient

Credits: Writer: Nandhini charanyaa / AD: Nathan / Photo: Nathan

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Very powerful social commercial
Very powerful social commercial Commercial persuading people not to drive too fast. Really powerful and kind of scary, makes you think. JavaScript...

Monday, August 04, 2008

The softest you can get

Credits: Writer: Sujith/ AD: Nathan


Credits: Writer: Sujith/ AD: Nathan


Credits: Writer: Nandhini Charanyaa/ AD: Nathan

So close to home

Credits: writer: sujith / AD/Illustrator: Nathan

Friday, August 01, 2008


Credits: Client: Lotte/ Writer: Sujith/ AD: Nathan,


Decomposing Can
Decomposing Can it takes a second for you to recycle a can... it takes 50 years a can to recycle itself... JavaScript is disabled! To display this...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Goviagreen" it's my virtual environmental organisation to make it real, i will be needing every one's support, through which i will change people's mentality towards nature by giving awareness about environmental global warming....what causes it, how people can stop it by there life using less electricity, car pooling, banning the bulb which consumes more electricity........switching off the comps when they are away from it for half an hour all these and more contributes to global warming........and awareness about throwing plastics in to the earth.......using less paper so that it stops cutting down more trees..also to recycle paper...and teaching values about trees....and to make them realise not to be greedy and to feel happy with what they got in life and not to look for more by making this world a hell for the next generations.....and this is one of my ambition to do good and change people's attitude towards environment.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


“Unless we change the direction we are heading,we might end up where we are going.”

Monday, May 12, 2008


Credits: Client: IBMS / CD: Raguram / AD: Nathan / Photos: Nathan

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Client : Nidhra coir mattress

Duration : 30 seconds

Characters : 2

SHOT 1: A man shown with eyes wide open lying in the bed ( midnight )

SHOT 2: A thief shown climbing to the first floor of a bungalow with a gunny bag in his shoulders

SHOT 3: Same man shown with eyes wide open lying in the bed in a different position from the way
he was lying earlier

SHOT 4: Thief shown entering the floor through balcony and stares at something

SHOT 5: Same man shown with eyes wide open lying in the bed in another different position ( which gives
emphasis on his restlessness)

SHOT 6: Thief shown attempting to lie on the bed which he found and he fall asleep

SHOT 7: Man shown with his eyes wide open still struggling to sleep (with an obviously different position)

SHOT 8: Thief shown having a good sleep at which point the noise of a rooster makes his eyes wide open
and the frame fades in to the man who was struggling to sleep since midnight gets his eyes closed and fades out

SHOT 9: Thief shown trying to carry the bed which gave him a good sleep and the frame fades out

SHOT 10: Thief shown walking off with the bed at his back..........where in the background the same man
shown attempting to take a different position ( where his bum faces the roof and his head lies over the bed .....with his blanket wrapped on him) without noticing a thiefs deed .....which turns out to be a tounge in cheek humour

Voice Over : Nidhra coir mattress sleep better.......think better

The entire film carries pin drop silence adding value to the precious time that gives a good sleep with peace in any of the consumers life meant to be so significant.

The film can carry a mild touch of chords just to add life to the visuals.

Client : Eastern Saambar

Main characters : 3

Duration : 45 sec

Rationale : Eastern Saambar, a vegetarian delight, as pure as Gandhian principles

Shot 1: A guy walks in crowded bazaar street in london. He’s in his early 20’s.
He and the people in the bazaar are moving along in a fast space ( old style - where the frames would be faster )

Shot 2: He stops by a book stall. The
People around him continue to zip past fastly. He leans over and picks up a book
from the rack.

Shot 3: Close-up of the book which is a cook book and a non-vegetarian one as depicted
by the visual on the cover.

Shot 4: The above frame cuts into a flashback where he’s prostrating before his mother
and vows not to touch meat.

Shot 5: Cut to real life i.e. the current period. A mother is busy packing a suitcase with
Eastern Masala Saambar for her son who is going abroad. She says, “no more worries for you Gandhians.” She goes on to explain how pure Eastern Saambar is and how her son can enjoy pure vegetarian food abroad.

Sign-Off: voice over: Eatern Saambar Masala...STICK TO YOUR PRINCIPLES